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> > Do persons not have a choice as to what they think/feel is important
to themselves?

> I certainly do not seem to; sometimes I know what is important to me, 
sometimes even that is mysterious. I have had very poor results to
directly shift the priorities of my living.  Fortunately, what i
think/feel is important is not that important. What I do is what is
important to me, and I have much more luck, say picking up a piece of
paper on the floor and tossing it in the recycle bin than I do have in
becoming a person that finds cleanliness important. Too many arguments
with various thoughts and remembered emotions there, but i can pick up
one item.      In any intant it is impossible to tell for certain
whether a person is acting from his own free will, what his motivations
are, or what unconscious fixations, compulsions and programs are driving
him.   Nevertheless, in our society today, we tend to grant people the
autonomy to do their own thing and arrive at their own insights in the
fullness of time.     > > So, what if they are 'attached'?  > > What
business is that of anyone else?
> Well, we are all one.  > Thanks,  > Chris Austin-Lane   We are all one
what?  The Buddha did say: "Work out your own salvation with diligence."
Thanks, ED   

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