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> I think there is a distinct difference between doing and feeling
something and only reading about it.


And, what is the signifance of this (personally-experienced) difference?

> There is absolutely the experience of reading. That's yours, and that
might invoke a similar experience to what the writer is writing about.
That's the goal of good writing, to communicate experience (or

> You can read all you want about what swimming is like, but until you
actually jump into deep water you really don't˜know swimming. Read
'know' in the prior sentence as 'experience'.

> Experience is what's important, not just 'knowing'.

One's experience is important to whom and why?

> Knowing or understanding is an intellectual activity.

And what does one conclude from that?

> Experience is living.

Is that the way it 'should' be for everyone - or do they have a choice?

> Intellectual activities are part of living also, but only a very small
insignificant piece, in my opinion.

OK, it's a subjective personal truth.

  Most people put way too much importance on them and as a result are
attached to them.

> ...Bill!

Do persons not have a choice as to what they think/feel is important to

So, what if they are 'attached'? What business is that of anyone else?


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