Good Morning Chris,
I live in So. Cal-- the San Diego area, so I am not as familar with zen groups 
where you are.  I have spent time at Spirit Rock, but that is a drive for you.  
I do know there are many groups in the Bay Area, but I'm sure you have 
researched all that out. 
As to the biking /walking kcal -thing.  Not that its a big deal to this group, 
but activity kcal use  is determined by age, body weight/ gender / and physical 
conditioning.  Walking and cycling do indeed have different kcal usage.  Its 
usually  measured in kcal /min  based on kg/body weight.  (METS in the exercise 
lab). I point this out because I do care about the health of  all here, and 
because mis-information is so common.
What you are experiencing is known as perceived exertion (PE), which makes 
you feel that cycling uses less energy (kcals).   Technically, you are correct. 
A crude measure is leisurely cycling (5.5 mi/hr)  uses 3.0 kcals /min whereas  
leisure walking on paved road uses 3.8 /kcals /min . But you would be 
surprised.  When cycling, you are dealing with the bike, the terrain, plus you  
are using balance as your pace  changes over time. In the end, you are likely 
using  more kcals than if you had walked that distance.
I can say this as a runner.  It is easy to become a lazy runner (once you are 
fit), but cycling is hard work!!;)

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Gosh-- I didn't realize you lived in CA. For some reason, I thought you lived 
in MD.

I have been in California only two years and on this list constantly refer to 
my Maryland teacher and Sangha as I have not found a sangha or teacher here 
that I can sit with weekly. 

( snip ) 

 as an exercise  junkie,  I will point out that cycling uses more kcals than 

Per hour perhaps but definitely not per mile. 

All the complicated heart stuff I snipped out, it is too complicated for me. 
Although I had to relent on my no sweating rule. I just can't go up hills and 
not sweat. My general rule about changing any sort of measurable habit for 
myself is go very slowly, like 1% per week, and don't look at change except in 
blocks of seasons. 

Chris Austin-Lane
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