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> Gosh-- I didn't realize you lived in CA. For some reason, I thought you lived 
> in MD.

I have been in California only two years and on this list constantly refer to 
my Maryland teacher and Sangha as I have not found a sangha or teacher here 
that I can sit with weekly. 

( snip ) 

>  as an exercise  junkie,  I will point out that cycling uses more kcals than 
> walking.

Per hour perhaps but definitely not per mile. 

All the complicated heart stuff I snipped out, it is too complicated for me. 
Although I had to relent on my no sweating rule. I just can't go up hills and 
not sweat. My general rule about changing any sort of measurable habit for 
myself is go very slowly, like 1% per week, and don't look at change except in 
blocks of seasons. 

Chris Austin-Lane
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