Especially because the "Islamic World" includes France, Germany, Britain, Canada...and 
the United States now.
John's more than right: there is no place to hide.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> Gary Smith favored us with:
> >> Hussein may not be directly involved in the past attacks, but is part of
> >> a growing regional problem. Given what we know of history, if a new Nazi
> >> party arose in Germany, and Jews started disappearing into concentration
> >> camps; would you suggest we wait until they attacked us to do something
> >> about it?  I know America historically has striven to stay aloof,
> >> especially in war. However, we now live in an age of mass destruction.
> >> Would you suggest we wait until one of our major cities is left
> >> uninhabitable by a dirty bomb? The fall of the WTC damaged our economy,
> >> extending the recession for over a year. Imagine the economic damage if
> >> NYC, LA, or some other major city were evacuated and left empty for years
> >> while we cleaned up the radiation contamination. Is that what you are
> >> suggesting we do?
> This seem very close the thinking used by men who feel the Constitution is obsolete 
> "...we now live in an age of <fill in whatever you please>.  Right is right.  And 
>wrong is wrong.  It is wrong to go to war unless you have been attacked by an 
>aggressor.  And so far, no one has convinced me that the attack on 9-11 was something 
>financed and ordered by Saddam Hussein.  If we are going to bomb some country back to 
>the stone age, let's at least get the right country.  We ought to bomb Saudi Arabia 
>before Iraq.  Or... I guess we could just declare war against the whole Islamic 
>world.  That might be fun.  I hope you all have a safe place to hide.
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> principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the
> darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in
> high [places]. (Ephesians 6:12)
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