You are conflating two conversations, and as a result you are reacting 
to the non-stated suggestion that the packaging system provides 
sufficient stability information to consumers.  That suggestion would 
obviously be false, since anyone, including people with hostile 
intentions, can create packages.  Let's separate the conversations for 

1) Yes, there is a lack of ZODB documentation.  Please feel free to 
contribute by writing documentation, especially for the upcoming book. 
However, keep in mind that there is no need to throw out packaging in 
order to document ZODB and third party functionality.  Other people rely 
heavily on packaging and have much more success with it than you 
apparently do.

2) You seem to be interested in contributing a spatial index.  Great, 
that sounds interesting!  You don't have to create a package, but that 
is the best thing to do to gain an audience.

> I do not gain a lot from buildout. Almost all recipes are geared towards
> plone/zope/web development. Neither of which I am involved in. In fact I
> have my own build system based on SCons which also use to build C++
> libraries, docs and more.

While Buildout is suggested, it's certainly not required.  A simple 
alternative to Buildout is to create your own mini-PyPI, which is 
amazingly easy.  To do it, simply put the packages you want in a 
directory (or make them downloadable from a web page), then tell 
easy_install to use your index instead of PyPI.

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