Edward Pilatowicz wrote:
the "inherit-pkg-dir" property is only applicable to solaris distros
which use SVR4 packaging.  (this means solaris 10 and SXCE).  it is not
applicable to opensolaris system.  using it on opensolaris based systems
will result in undefined behaviors and unsupporable configurations.

we actually have a bug filed on this issue:
        567 ipkg zones verify callback should abort if it sees inherit-pkg-dir

the fix for this bug will verify that ipkg brand zone configurations
don't have any inherit-pkg-dir properties, and if they do the
configuration will be reported as invalid.
The labeled brand used by Trusted Extensions in opensolaris is still using the inherit-pkg-dir property, but this is described in bugzilla
  9191 labeled zones should no longer rely on sparse-root functionality

and a fix will soon be putback to the /dev repository for 2009.06.

Since the labeled brand shares much of its configuration with the ipkg brand, bugzilla 567 should be integrated after 9191.


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