>We don't have sparse zones in 2009.06

Hey db, if you don't have sparse root zones in OpenSolaris 2009.06, then what 
do you call the sparse root zone I made in OpenSolaris 2008.11 by following 
this tutorial:


The end result of following the instructions does at least superficially kind 
of seem like a "sparse root zone". Is what I created following these 
instructions not a real sparse root zone (i.e. a "fake sparse root zone") or is 
this a case of the left hand at Sun not knowing what the right hand is doing 
(i.e. someone at Sun implemented this functionality and other people at Sun 
don't know about it)? 

Not to be rude or anything but when I first installed 2008.11 months ago, I 
typed in "OpenSolaris 2008.11" and "sparse root zone" into google and that was 
one of the first links that came up.
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