On Thu, Feb 09, 2012 at 03:20:38PM -0500, "Hung-Sheng Tsao (Lao Tsao ??) Ph.D." 
> please check
> solaris(5)
>    The following solaris brand-specific subcommand options are
>    supported by zoneadm(1M)
> <http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23824_01/html/821-1462/zoneadm-1m.html#REFMAN1Mzoneadm-1m>.
> clone [-c config_profile.xml | dir]
>    -c config_profile.xml | dir
>        Provides a profile or a directory of profiles to apply after
>        installation from the repository.
>        All profiles must have an .xml extension.

Ah, bitten by indirection once again.  This is one of the reasons I
often find Solaris man pages to be less than helpful.  Beyond that, how
do I use a sysconfig profile when creating a new zone, not cloning?

Will Fiveash
Oracle Solaris Software Engineer
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