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> > I ASS U ME that you have see this
> > http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/servers-storage-admin/o11-092-s11-zones-intro-524494.html
> That is good info, thanks.  Of course now I see another problem.  In
> that guide above there is an example of having zoneadm clone use the
> sysconfig created profile like so:
> Step 3: Create webzone-2 by Cloning webzone-1
> Next create webzone-2 using the modified configuration (by using zonecfg), 
> and then perform the clone of webzone-1 (by using zoneadm). Remember to add 
> the full path to the system config template. Note how quickly the clone is 
> completed. (We can see this by prepending the time command to our zonecfg 
> clone command.)
> root@global:~# zonecfg -z webzone-2 -f /zones/webzone-2-profile
> root@global:/zones# time zoneadm -z webzone-2 clone -c 
> /zones/webzone-2-template.xml webzone-1
> However, the only description of -c I find in the S11 zoneadm man page
> is for list.  Can someone confirm that -c <sysconfig profile file> works
> for clone?  Also how do I use -c when creating a new zone that is not a
> clone?

The man pages are a little hard to read due to separation between the
generic options and the brand-specific options.  Notice in zoneadm(1M)
that you see:

     install [brand-specific options]


         The zone's brand may  include  additional  options  that
         govern  how  the software will be installed in the zone.
         See brands(5) for specific brand information.

Thus begins the twisty passages, all looking the same.  brands(5) refers
to solaris(5), solaris10(5), and other man pages.  To see the options
available for solaris (the default) branded zones, you want to look at
solaris(5).  There you will see:

     install [-m manifest.xml] [-c config_profile.xml | dir]
     install [-a archive | -d path | -z ZBE] [-p] [-s] [-u] [-v]
     [-c config_profile.xml | dir]


Also, if you do 'zoneadm help' you will see that the help messages refer
to brands(5).  If you do 'zoneadm -z <somezone> help' you will see that
the help messages refer to the right brand's man page.  e.g.

# zoneadm -z z1 help install
usage:  install [brand-specific args]
        Install the configuration on to the system.
        All arguments are passed to the brand installation function;
        see solaris(5) for more information.

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