Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Okay, I read CMF 2.0 is targetting Zope 2.9 now, but Plone is, as of
> yet, still targeting CMF 1.6. Whether they really will I guess also
> depends on Plone's commitment to release this spring and suppress
> changing things around.

I think there are two reasons Plone 2.5 is targetting CMF 1.6 (instead
of just going to CMF 2.0)
  1) the risk that CMF 2.0 wouldn't be ready when plone -- and I'm
pretty sure the 6 month release rule has already been adopted for Plone
with Plone 2.1 -> 2.5 trying to be the first 6 month interval
  2) CMF 2.0 changes too many things -- because of the plethora of
existing plone products out there and the pains that people are going
through porting them from Plone 2.0 -> 2.1, the Plone community is
striving to not do the same thing going from Plone 2.1 -> 2.5

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