Martin Aspeli wrote:
The broader point is we wouldn't really need it yet - we don't have any code that actually uses these new features, and plenty of code that may be broken by changes in CMF 2. All in good time - of course, if you want to help work on CMF 2.0 compatability for the 2.5 branch when it starts stabilising, all the more chance we can get it into Plone 3.0 :)

i have every intent of pushing for Plone 3.0 to require CMF 2.X (for some reasonable value of X). in fact, my first efforts towards GenericSetup and Plone integration were based on running Plone against the CMF trunk. it was then (correctly, IMO) decided that CMF 2.0 would cause too much breakage to 3rd party Plone products, when the last major release of Plone had already required most products to be rewritten.

one of the biggest motivators for creating CMF 1.6 and using it for the basis of Plone 2.5 was so that it would be easier to do parallel Plone development against CMF 2.0 without having to maintain separately two entirely different site creation infrastructures.


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