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Charlie Clark wrote:
I suppose we could also migrate the old Zope Help docs to "docs" for
Sphinx generation? I know much of the docs are inaccurate and outdated but
this might help expose the worst bits which should then be exorcised or at
least pruned.


Is CMFDefault/help now obsolete? Could it be deleted?

Not sure if this would be for 2.3 but I think that CMFCalendar should be
rolled into CMFDefault. The main reason being that the default profile for
CMFCalendar uses browser views and explicitly requires the CMFDefault skin
layer. You then can't use CMFCalendar if you override the default skin
layer. Plus, CMFCalendar's functionality is extremely limited and
intimately tied to CMFDefault.


CMFCalendar is an example add-on. It should be possible to write add-ons like CMFCalendar. So if there are any issues with keeping it in a separate optional package they should be fixed instead of giving up.


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