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 Is CMFDefault/help now obsolete? Could it be deleted?

I guess so. I'm still working on "tidying" up what can loosely be termed as the narrative documentation. Still in the clean-up phase but should get this done this week.

@ Jens will we be able to point the release to a docs page on Zope.org?

I had a go at autogenerating the api documentation but failed miserably - lots of empty pages got generated because Sphinx had trouble with import paths. Does anyone know the appropriate incantations for this?

 Not sure if this would be for 2.3 but I think that CMFCalendar should be
rolled into CMFDefault. The main reason being that the default profile for CMFCalendar uses browser views and explicitly requires the CMFDefault skin
layer. You then can't use CMFCalendar if you override the default skin
layer. Plus, CMFCalendar's functionality is extremely limited and
intimately tied to CMFDefault.

CMFCalendar is an example add-on. It should be possible to write add-ons like CMFCalendar. So if there are any issues with keeping it in a separate optional package they should be fixed instead of giving up.

Okay. I guess the key issue is making working with Zope-3 skins easier. I'd like to have a different CMFDefault profile that did without CMF skins (yes, I do appreciate the irony), ie. the ability to jetison PythonScripts et al. CMFCalendar won't work with that because of the explicit dependency upon the CMF skin layer. Certainly a big enough change not to be in 2.3.

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