Hi Charlie!

Charlie Clark wrote:
* is there an easy way to write the test for something that requires a
tool and some content?

The setup of your doctest looks fine, you just have to enable syndication for the folder (app.site) to get the view.

* backporting the changes to the PythonScript I hit a roadblock that I
can't use security declarations on the adapter. Fortunately, I was able
to use the tool as a workaround but, apart from ripping out the
PythonScript, I can't think of a better solution.

I think CMF 2.3 should ship with a complete oldstyle skin. So it would be nice if you could get this working. But I guess it will be the last release with the oldstyle skin as default. In the long run it will become unmaintained.

Any ideas? I'm also struggling with a convenient way of handling the
difference in time formatting arising form using native datetime and
DateTime with it's convenient rfc822 method

Removing DateTime completely has no high priority. If you need it as a formatting tool, just use it.



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