On Wednesday 14 April 2004 09:54 am, Kapil Thangavelu wrote:
 > its probably a problem imo for mac users who are on a case insensitive
 > fs.

Is this still an issue for Mac OS X, or is your concern for classic Mac OS?  I 
don't know if we support that (simply because I've never heard anyone mention 

 > none of the alternative seem all that appealing though.. the comment

No, they don't.  The current Zope 3 naming for modules and packages mostly 
follows the current BDFL recommendations, which is nice, and is friendly to 
to those of use alergic to upper case letters.  It also works well for 
case-senseless filesystems.

 > about most z3 imports being prefixed with zope, suggests that any
 > backwards porting with a goal of forward compatibility will require
 > changing the existing z2 Zope package to something else, although
 > sticking version numbers on package names doesn't hold much appeal for
 > me. perhaps renaming z2 Zope->Core

The Zope 2 "Zope" package is actually quite small.  Perhaps renaming it is the 
best approach.  In spite of Tres's objection, I don't see how there could be 
all that much code that references it.  Perhaps it's referenced by some 
persistent objects?  There's an uncertain comment in Zope.ClassFactory, and 
Zope.App.ClassFactory might be referenced, but otherwise the Zope package 
contains startup code.


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