Chris Withers wrote:

Do you have to go through all of that? Couldn't you put it up as a zip
file, using ZMI, rather than CMF API's?

As a mere mortal member and not-yet-signer of litigious paperwork, am I allowed ZMI access?

Sure. After you log in, you can still get to Members/youruserid/manage_main.

I think making the binaries available will widen the pool of people
who could fix windows problems.

Really? I would have thought they'd need ot be able to compile :-S

If they have the .pyd files, they can run Zope and fix problems they find in the .py files.

Don't confuse "caring" with "time" and "priorities". I care about having
Zope 3 run on Windows, and Mac OS X, and other platforms. I don't have time
to do that though. I think it would be appropriate for others to help by working
on windows and Mac OS X (etc.) issues.

Indeed. Although the stuff which stopped me was shear carelessness (things like just using unix path seperators rather that os.path.join, etc)...



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