Tim Peters wrote:

[Chris Withers]

Saw my name mentioned earlier but not sure whether Tim has solved the

Can't say -- I put up .pyds for current Zope 2 and Zope 3 HEAD, but haven't heard whether anyone tried them.

I will. Early next week. Something came up friday.

I expect that would be helpful, and also helpful for the Zope 2 HEAD, but
it's not clear what you would upload.  For example, just the .pyds, or the
entire codebase, or...?

CVS clients are easy enough to get a hold on on Windows. The best solution would be if it was possible to get the Python sources from CVS and the compiled binaries from somewhere else.

The problem is the compilation part, for somebody like me that don't normally develop in c. I guess that many Zope developers are like me, but I don't know offcourse.

But it would also make it possible for most Zope users, to download and try out this Zope 3 thing, and get a feel for how it develops.

regards Max M

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