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Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> [snip]
>> You are ignoring my point though: why should the ZTK have to be burdened 
>> with trying to be backwards compatible with something that it never was? 
>> Why are you insisting on putting Zope3 in it?
> We should not remove it until we have a good way to upgrade people away 
> from it.

Who is upgrading?  There are not historical users of the ZTK, only users
of package sets with greater or lesser intersections with the ZTK.

> And let's please not turn this around: I'm not putting anything *in*. 
> Something was *removed*. Let's remove it responsibly. Not just disclaim 
> responsibility and drop it all.

You are acting like we have code in the wild which needs to upgrade from
some released version of the ZTK to a newer one, and which will thereby
break.  There is *no* released version:  we can't possibly break
anybody.  People who want to consume the yet-to-be-released ZTK are
going to need to make choices about how they include various pacakges
which aren't part of it;  there is nothing surprising about that at all.

You seem to be worried that the removed packages will bitrot because
they aren't part of the ZTK:  going forward, that may in fact be so, but
*only if they aren't being used by people who also track the ZTK*, in
which case their removal has harmed no one.

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