Chris Withers wrote:
I'd flip that, because I think you and Steve A would agree on one thing: The use of an object database _should_ be a choice, not a requirement, but it should also be the default ;-)

Actually, I disagree--I don't want an object database to be the default. An OODBMS is good complexity for some projects and bad complexity for others. Let people first choose the thing they're familiar with (the filesystem), then make it easy for them to branch out toward an RDBMS or OODBMS.

This is the direction I wanted to pursue way back when I created CMF skins, but back then it was an impossible objective. Now Zope is flexible enough to do it right.

So, to sum up, I reckon Zope should use ZODB by default, but it should be possible, without too much pain, to get it to use _just_ an ORM if you so desire. Flat files is Apache land, lets not try and compete there ;-)

Do you mean "_just_ an RDBMS if you so desire"? We don't want to force people to use an ORM either.

Flat files are everybody's land. Our flavor of flat files will be engineered to ease the transition from flat files to a Python package.

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