On Tuesday 07 March 2006 13:43, Shane Hathaway wrote:
> > My vision for the WebDev project is that you can develop WebDev packages
> > using Zope 2 like features, but the result of the Web development can be
> > generated into a real Python package.
> That might work, but the story breaks down if the developer can't switch
> *back* to TTW development.  Have you addressed that?

No, and this is probably out of scope. WebDev has not addressed many, many 
other issues. The reason I want to allow Python code generation is that if a 
scripter grows up to become a developer, he does not have to rewrite his 
software, but has an initial start. Personally, I do not even think that 
round-tripping would be possible, because the WebDev development is far more 
limiting than filesystem-based development.

There are tools that do round-tripping, like ArchGenXML, which will have Zope 
3 support in the next release. 

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