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Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote at 2006-9-4 16:49 +0200:
>> ...
>> I for one prefer exceptions over manual error handling. And I prefer 
>> straight-forward APIs over unnecessarily complicated constructs.
> But you probably would not prefer if these "straight-forward APIs"
> were continously changing.
> I prefer a slightly suboptimal stable API over one that is
> optimized in each version in a non backward compatible way.
> I do not want to say that this is happening in Zope3 land.
> I do not yet use Zope3 in earnest and see what is happening
> more from the mailing list than from my own experience.
>>> So, for me, it would be great if developers would take more time to 
>>> weigh up the "what does this new feature or refactoring bring" against 
>>> the "how much of a PITA is it going to be for everyone else to relearn 
>>> this"...
> I like new features but often could not see the gain of refactorings.
> Many refactorings in Zope 2 land were just silly, e.g. whitespace
> refactoring such as:
>         from X.Y.Z import a, b, c
>     refactored to
>           from X.Y.Z import a
>           from X.Y.Z import b
>           from X.Y.Z import c

I might be the perpetrator, but surely such a change has no impact on
code which imports the module.  Does this affect you because it breaks
patches you maintain?

> I do see the gain of moving out general purpose functions from
> "zope.app" into "zope". But, I would do it in a backward
> compatible way -- even when "zope.app" then contains quite
> a few trivial packages redirecting to the relocated packages.

As I said earlier, I actually *like* the insulation provided by a
"fa├žade" package:  it leaves the "internal" location free to change
wildly, without propagating the churn from that change out to those who
are clients of the code.

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