Tres Seaver wrote:
How much "maintenance" do you imagine the Zope2 ZServer requires?


I have no idea.

It is
already basically feature complete (the Keep-Alive bit which kicked off
this thread is a known exception),

AFAIK this thread was about Zope 3's ZServer, which, BTW, has very
little to do with Zope 2's (sadly).


Right now, we have no good basis for judging the server alternatives.

There is the anecdotal / empircal one, which is that most "large" /
high-traffic Zope sites are deployed successfully atop the Zope2
ZServer:  it "just works" for the use cases we need.

That tells us that it works for Zope 2.  It doesn't tell us that there
isn't a WSGI server out there that works nearly as well, or better.
I'd definitely take a nearly as good server that we don't have to maintain
over one we do have to maintain.


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