Tres Seaver wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

If we find that WSGI is inferior to the Zope 2 server, then I certainly
think that abandoning our various Zope 3 efforts is a reasonable
alternative, although unattractive, since I'm not aware of anyone
actively maintaining the Zope 2 server. I'd much rather
leverage a larger effort.

There *isn't* a larger effort that I know of: the spec allows for
interop, but we need somebody to care for the other end of the pipe.

What larger effort are we looking for here? I mean, there are plenty of WSGI server implementations around:


It may be that none of these is suitable for our purposes, but it seems to be an active area of development. That by itself makes it attractive.

I myself hooked Zope up to the CherryPy WSGI server before. I haven't spent any time yet to figure out whether that works well. I do know that the CherryPy people spent quite a bit of time getting their WSGI server up to speed.



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