Stephan Richter wrote:
On Wednesday 26 September 2007 05:02, Christian Theune wrote:
Hmm. While doing that I also noticed that we were at 3.4.0a1 yesterday
evening. The stable release was made from that without making a
maintenance branch and bumping the trunk to 3.5.

There is conflicting information here. :-) Some people say we need branches, others say we don't. And where is an agreed-upon document that you have to list the next version in the file after the release?

It's not agreed upon, it's just what I wrote down:*checkout*/Sandbox/philikon/foundation/maintaining-software.txt

Back when I put it up for discussion, all I got was a huge discussion about PEP8, which is just a small and rather unimportant paragraph. Unfortunately it's somewhere towards the beginning of the file. I wonder if anybody read any further and got to the actually important stuff. Sigh.

Because I disagree with that, since you cannot know the next version.

You can always know the minimum version. If you just released 3.4.2, I think it's sensible to point the next release to 3.4.3. If you later decide that you really need a feature release, you can always bump to 3.5.0a1 (which would be the first release in the 3.5.x series).

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