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Stephan Richter wrote:
Because I disagree with that, since you cannot know the next version.
You can always know the minimum version. If you just released 3.4.2, I think it's sensible to point the next release to 3.4.3. If you later decide that you really need a feature release, you can always bump to 3.5.0a1 (which would be the first release in the 3.5.x series).

Gary and Benji made me pay attention to this point. :)

I *really* don't like setting the version to the number for the next release, since one often doesn't know what it is.

Why not leave the version totally out of the setup.py in the trunk?

Benji and Gary won me over to this point of view. :)

After branching for a release we can set the version (e.g., 1.2), make a release, and tag the branch.

We should not require branches. I would only bother creating maintenance branches when they are needed.

Z, B, G, and I propose the following:

- Leave the version # out of setup.py on the trunk and on branches.

When it is time to make a release, either from the trunk or from a maint branch:

- Update changes.txt, adding a heading for the new # and date

- Create a tag

- check out or switch to the tag

- Set the version in setup.py on the tag. Check it in.

- Make the release from the tag.

(BTW, when creating maint branches after the fact, the branch should be made by copying the trunk at the revision that the first release branch for that tag was made, so as not to accidentally get a version #.)

I'd prefer not to make an edict, so Benji and Gary will now persuade you that this is the best way to go. ;)


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