Stephan Richter wrote:
On Thursday 27 September 2007 08:43, Benji York wrote:
Roger Ineichen wrote:
Can anybody tell me why we restrict our test setup
in zope eggs and only use a subset of package for
our test setup?
I don't know what you're asking, so I can't tell you why it is <wink>.

Why do we not use a Zope3 meta egg which contains all
our zope packages as a test base. This whould allow
us to test the same we have in the zope3 trunk and let
us run *buildout/test -s zope* from within each egg.
Perhaps because there isn't a Zope 3 meta egg.

Roger is suggesting that we should have one, so that problems are detected early. Any comments on that?

I don't really object. A meta egg (actually, a Zope 3 built from eggs) is really an example application, so it might help some finding inter-package regressions, but people probably won't run it often enough.

Perhaps after that first step, we could set up something like Python's buildbot farm and have people run their Zope 3 application's tests with the most recent packages so we know in real time when some change broke someone's project (whether it's open source or not).

As an example, the recent move of a ZCML file out of broke one of my apps (and probably others), that's the kind of bug I'd like to catch early.
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