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> Betreff: [Zope3-dev] Re: Why do we restrict our egg testing?


> I thought Roger was one of the folks looking to *reduce* the set of
> dependencies his application had on zope3 coee -- testing against the
> meta-egg actually makes that problem worse.

Yes, I was one of the folks proposing to take more care on separating

And I'm also proposing running all tests for a single package 
in a namesapce which the package is using before deployment.

I think testing is overall a quality management aspect.

Let me explain quality management in a abstract context. 

If you have a house and the target is that arround your house
the tings must be clean and arrangend. You will define soemthing

All things arround my house have to be clean and not dirty.
This quality management rule will work.

If you define many different things like;
My carpet in front of my hous door must be clean.
This whould not work.

Because why, if somebody takes the carpet and brings it
to a cleaning company, probably the floor under the 
missing carpet is dirty then. And this does not fit
with your overall quality target.

This is similar to our testing concept. Using small
test setups for single eggs without to focus on
zope as a monolitic thing will fail.

Roger Ineichen

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