> Betreff: Re: [Zope3-dev] Why do we restrict our egg testing?


> Perhaps after that first step, we could set up something like 
> Python's 
> buildbot farm and have people run their Zope 3 application's 
> tests with 
> the most recent packages so we know in real time when some 
> change broke 
> someone's project (whether it's open source or not).
> As an example, the recent move of a ZCML file out of 
> zope.app.securitypolicy broke one of my apps (and probably others), 
> that's the kind of bug I'd like to catch early.

Are you suggesting a deploy process which uses a 
staging server. I mean deploy on a pypi staging,
use a builbot which catches packages from a staging 
server and deploy it if everything is fine?

Roger Ineichen

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> Benji York
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