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Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Thursday 27 September 2007 08:43, Benji York wrote:
>> Roger Ineichen wrote:
>>> Can anybody tell me why we restrict our test setup
>>> in zope eggs and only use a subset of package for
>>> our test setup?
>> I don't know what you're asking, so I can't tell you why it is <wink>.
>>> Why do we not use a Zope3 meta egg which contains all
>>> our zope packages as a test base. This whould allow
>>> us to test the same we have in the zope3 trunk and let
>>> us run *buildout/test -s zope* from within each egg.
>> Perhaps because there isn't a Zope 3 meta egg.
> Roger is suggesting that we should have one, so that problems are detected 
> early. Any comments on that?

Why would we want to pull in all of Zope3 as a dependency (worse, a
hidden one) before testing an egg?  If the egg's dependencies are
broken, I *want* the tests to fail.  I don't think testing against a
"fat" meta-egg satisfies that goal.  Fix the egg so that its
'install_requires' or 'tests_requires' are sufficient to make the tests
pass instead.

I thought Roger was one of the folks looking to *reduce* the set of
dependencies his application had on zope3 coee -- testing against the
meta-egg actually makes that problem worse.

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