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Hafeliel wrote:

If you could, please take a moment to surf on over to



Try doing a bit more digging before wasting your time writing this

I suggest you take a good long hard look at Zope 3, read the 2 books,
and then come back...

yeah, I can see how this kind of attitude draws lots and lots of new
followers to zope.

Sure, the man might be mistaken and misinformed, but  if it is hard to
understand the tool, maybe some docs or references might be in order,
thoughI fail to see anythign zope related in
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll unless we mean to describe
the attitude towards criticism we/some of us don't like (like to deal

I probably sounds like a broken record but:

My suggestion to the Zope developers is look at Apache's documentation.
Its all there, complete, in one place.  Wiki's do not document.  They are
for discussions and new ideas, etc.  Internal docs are just for a few
limited instances.  They require you to be working in Zope at the time,
they can not be printed, they can not really be searched.

This is all true but historical reasons and because "the community" did not help much to improve the situation. So the current situation is basically a mirror of its community?! Anyway, this wiki contains a bunch of false information or information written by a person that has little idea about Zope. If someone comes up with such a wiki one can expect solid and right information but at least half of the stuff is just wrong and some parts of the wiki really deserve the predicate "written by a numpty"...sorry but I prefer to make clear statements :-)


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