On Sep 21, 2016, at 2:00 PM, Douglas von Roeder wrote:

> I have a customer who wants to (re)start using their 4D app on the Mac.
> After reading some of the comments here, we've decided to *not* release on
> V13 and are using this as the opportunity to do the upgrade to V15.x/V16.
> The primary reason for this decision is that I read multiple reports of 4D
> V13.5 crashing on 10.11 when quitting or when switching applications. I was
> very relieved that my client agreed with me that it's not good to release a
> version of software when we know it will crash under routine use.

I’m still running Mavericks 10.9.5 on my development machine. Why? Because I 
have one active client still running v12, and one running v13. I also have some 
on v14 and v15. macOS 10.9 works great with all these version of 4D. No random 

I would love to upgrade to a newer macOS version but I don’t want to put up 
with “issues” while still developing on v12 and v13. 

I believe I read somewhere that v16 will required macOS 10.10 as a minimum. Tim 
Penner, can you confirm that? So I will have to upgrade before I can use that.

I’m in the process of upgrading the v13 client to v15 so that issue will 
resolve itself. But the v12 client is a problem. Gonna have to figure out a way 
to get them to upgrade. 

I hate being so far behind on macOS versions, but I choose a sable work 
environment over the new macOS versions. 


Tim Nevels
Innovative Solutions

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