I will give you the best answer.  DO NOT RELY ON ANYONE.  I.e. everyone has 
things that they need, then things they want.  Every network is a bit 
different, and overall, when you look at all of these guys, you need to 
understand what you require and what you would like to have.  Go through all of 
these and compare notes, put a value  on each of your requirements and would 
likes.  I have found that there is no one system that does it all perfectly   I 
know people who have had issues in the past, and that’s good information to 
use, but don’t let it sway you from at least getting the sales pitch from said 
company.  You need to be in charge of what you have and make an educated 

So yes, good feedback is great, but make sure you do your research as well.  I 
have found some companies want a hosted solution and some require that it’s 
not. So again lots of options.  Also look at integrations with other systems as 
well, how can you integrate it into your work flow and processes.

Just a short list of systems, not in the order of recommendation, just off the 
top of my head…

·         VISP

·         PowerCode

·         Azotel

·         Billmax

·         Sonar

·         Plat

·         Freeside

·         SwiftFox

I would think those are the major WISP Centric platforms, again not 
recommending any of them but I have always found one or two does something 
really good, and the rest try, but don’t do it as well, so your research is key 
to picking one.


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Could I trouble you all for a quick survey / recommendation on billing systems?

I've been looking at;

Power code ( seems like too many red flags with this company)

Platypus ( good price, but I don't want to become a dev just to bill my 

Visp seems like a decent option?

Wisp Mon? Don't know much about them, prices seem high, haven't heard anything 
bad so that's a good sign?

Swift fox? ( Seems like unpopular option maybe because they're new?)

Sonar? Maybe that's the one?

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