too bad that netbox cant be switched to mysql because is planning on 
putting phpipam in there billing/monitoring software.

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I liked netbox, but it was still pre-release when I played with it. They were 
the talk of /r/networking for awhile. 
On Sep 16, 2016 10:51 AM, "Simon Westlake" <> wrote:
 Check out

On 9/16/2016 10:49 AM, That One Guy /sarcasm wrote:
phpipam isnt developed anymore
I have an idle racktables server ready for production, its ugly/sexy and has 
everything I want except that its got a learning curve I havent sobered up 
enough to get a full grasp on, but its got all the documentory and reporting 
features I want, would love it if Bertram bought it out and integrated it, id 
be so exited Id get the vapors.
On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 10:43 AM, Josh Reynolds <> wrote:

Check out phpipam 
 On Sep 16, 2016 10:39 AM, "That One Guy /sarcasm" <> 
 We use Powercode, they ebb and flow. Other than simon who escaped by the skin 
of his teeth after murdering the guy before him I think they have gladiator 
fights for the lead role because every time a new lead comes in the last one 
disappears off the face of the earth. I imagine being in the office up there 
looks like something out of mad max.

But overall, its a satisfying product, the inventory component is absolutely 
useless, but the rest is pretty reliable. Customers like the feel of the portal 
interface, I would prefer we had the ability to manipulate it more, but I also 
want my own pony named Miguel. 
Support responsiveness is normally pretty good, occasionally it gets meh, but I 
think you have that with any company depending on the work load.

What I do like about it, is that I dont have to know much to manage it, The 
server build is down to a cut and past CLI job if it needs rebuilt. It performs 
well in a decent VM host. 

It really appears they are moving away from user driven development (there used 
to be constant interaction) toward more of a programmed development cycle, 
which is good and bad, but mostly a positive move.

It would be nice if they had clean IPAM, i still have a set of excel 
spreadsheets for master subnet documentation, but I dont think there is such a 
beast in IPAM that would satisfy everyone.

The ticketing system became super useful once they added external email 
accounts, it allowed us to decommission a secondary ticketing system. Its only 
good for our ISP side, not our contract services side however because it doesnt 
offer clean time tracking or multiple tech separation

My boss is very frugal when it comes to anything that generates a recurring 
cost, and he sees Powercode as a beneficial recurring cost, so that does say 
something about the product.

I cuss them every couple months over something or other, its usually 50/50 
whether its something I screwed up, or a bug in their system, but it always 
gets resolved. We have an ongoing issue with email fetching that happens, but 
they gave me a cli tool to resolve it, and its caused by something external and 
outside their control, so I cant hold it against them.

There is currently no way to easily reset the tracking metrics on tickets and 
times, but thats no deal breaker, they will eventually clean it up.

If youre looking for actual inventory management with any type of valuation, 
its definetly not the product. Azotel had that when we were looking into them, 
and I think you could tie in crystal reports to get some really amazing data, 
but it seems like Azotel went to sleep

 On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 9:50 AM, Vlad Sedov <> wrote:

We've been running Freeside for the last 10 years. It takes a bit of perl and 
linux knowledge to get it running (or just download the VM), but hey, what do 
you want for nothing?

Feature-wise, freeside is on par with the big boys these days.. Can't think of 
anything it doesn't have that an ISP billing system should have.
The new version even has tower coverage mapping... very WISP-friendly.



On 9/16/2016 12:50 AM, TJ Trout wrote:

Could I trouble you all for a quick survey / recommendation on billing systems?

I've been looking at;

Power code ( seems like too many red flags with this company)

Platypus ( good price, but I don't want to become a dev just to bill my 

Visp seems like a decent option?

Wisp Mon? Don't know much about them, prices seem high, haven't heard anything 
bad so that's a good sign?

Swift fox? ( Seems like unpopular option maybe because they're new?)

Sonar? Maybe that's the one?




If you only see yourself as part of the team but you don't see your team as 
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If you only see yourself as part of the team but you don't see your team as 
part of yourself you have already failed as part of the team.

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