John & Wirrunna
Using Johns commented instructions I have Inguz working on an Intel-NUC
which seems to have more than enough CPU power to run Inguz. I'm using
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. John, I just followed your instructions to the letter,
apart from having to modify permissions a little. 

The biggest problem was getting the EQ GUI working - initially I tried
installing a silverlight lookalike for Linux called 'pipelight' in the
hope of being able to get the GUI running direct in a web browser on
Ubuntu. No luck, just couldn't get it to run in either Chrome or
Firefox. So I downloaded silverlight for Mac and after activating it in
Safari it works fine - well, the GUI anyway - connecting through Safari
to the NUC on port 9000 is all that's needed. The adjusters (up and down
buttons) for EQ work but most of the other adjusters, e.g. 'Quietness',
do nothing. I seem to remember reading about this problem years ago and
if I recall correctly, it was something to do with the version of
silverlight being used, an earlier version being required. Could get it
functioning on Windows 10 with IE and Safari (but not Edge) but still
the same issue with the adjuster buttons. I seem to recall there was a
way of getting those buttons to work but for the life of me I can't
remember how.

I get sound out of the speakers and changes to EQ changes the sound
produced so in principle it's working. Except I don't have a clue how to
get room correction up and running. I have REW and a USB calibrated
microphone but don't know what file types to export from REW or where to
put them in Inguz. I know that information was on the Inguz website but
it's no longer accessible. There's a whole raft of threads on this forum
about Inguz and I'm sure the information could be sifted out but I'd be
grateful for any help here. 


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