Wirrunna, tried looking at the YouTube video but it doesn't seem to
exist anymore :(

I managed to find IE on Windows 10 as well and as long as silverlight is
installed, as you say the graphical display is there. I have iPhone 6
with iPeng but can't find any way to use it to set up EQ or to save
anything. Any ideas?

John, I'm going to have a closer look at REW to see if there is any way
to export RC and import into Inguz. What file type does Inguz require,
.wav, .pcm or what? And what folder does that file go into? I don't
really want to spend out on Audiolense or Acourate without knowing that
I can actually get a RC file into Inguz and establish that it works;
i.e. that it does indeed change the character of the sound.

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