Bob and John, 
I have spent some time looking at the and strings.txt to see
if I could figure out what the problem saving a preset is.

First I installed LMS 7.0 on an old PC and loaded the Inguz plugin - see
first screen pic - , look at "Save current settings as:" , there is a
box that when clicked will save the settings and flash a light green
colour over the text.

The second screen pic from LMS 7.9.1 shows the same area of the screen
but instead of a clickable box there is a "|" - however, clicking
carefully will flash the light green and save the text, no need to go to
iPeng, Orange Squeeze etc. Try it.

In an earlier life I spent 10 years writing IBM Assembler, so I had a
look at the plugin code in 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Squeezebox\server\Plugins\InguzEQ, 
strings.txt contains the character string that appears on the Inguz
screen with each string's variable name, so 

PLUGIN_INGUZEQ_SAVEPRESETFILE   EN      Save current settings as:

is what to look for in  - while that is easy to find I
couldn't work out what drew the clickable box.

|Filename: Inguz on LMS 7.9.1.jpg                                   |

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