There's an interesting article in the current S&G about a casual comp
done in Italy, flown with the Silent Electro. Was this the world's
first electric SLG? I know it proceeded things like the Antares by
almost a decade.

Anyway, the innovation with the comp was that they were allowed to use
the motor during the comp and motor runs were counted in the overall
score. From memory, the Silent could do about 8000' of climbing with a
full charge (on new batteries no doubt). So this would mean one launch
and two or three retrieves which is pretty much all you need for most
comp or safari flying.

With an ultralight glider, you could probably do all the recharging
overnight with Aldi solar panels.

As far as noise levels go, the first electrics failed EASA noise level
checks because they did not appear on the scale.

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