Le mer 12/02/2003 à 14:31, Warly a écrit :

> A first web page should points all the available document, and I should
> definitely consider updating the Mandrake Linux policy and guidelines.
> Regarding development and tasks, I though that some tweaks on bugzilla
> could make it used as a task manager.

Bugzilla is so painfully slow it's unuseable. 
- There are *way* too many packages, and it causes a *huge* delay in
displaying the pages.
- Also, every bug report is CC'ed on Cooker, to the bugs list and to the
maintainer. This makes it hard to filter the bugreports to concentrate
on one area.
- Finally, it uses https:// so everything is encrypted, and adds to the
slowness if the site.

I would recommend using a Wiki, just like the one we have for internal
engineering. It's easy to install, manage, and very low on resources.
What's more, anyone can create a topic and link it to a project page. 

I would also like to have several groups:
- Server group (apache, php, samba, mail)
- Office application group (for example, why is the calculator missing
in default install? Why isn't the menu anti-aliased in OOffice, etc)
- Hardware and Driver group (so people can discuss i845 issues, etc. I
would place XFree there also, since most problems are drivers)
- Multimedia group (arts/esd/jackd, XawTV/Zapping, xmms, etc)
- KDE group
- Gnome group
- Desktop application group (anything else not KDE/Gnome/Office related)
- Drak tools, including installer.
- Core group, where we could talk about RPM-Howto, glibc, initscripts,

Each group could have a separate mailing list. This way, I wouldn't have
30,000 e-mails in one folder. It would be much easier to find stuff we
have to handle (in my case apache/php) from stuff I don't really care
about (I don't use gnome, except to test during the beta/rc release).

What do you think?


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