MJ Ray wrote:

> In http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/cc-licenses/2006-August/003950.html
> I asked: "please can someone tell us where to find the record of the
> rejections by international affiliates and how the CC decision-making
> works?  I've had a bit of a search of creativecommons.org but haven't
> found details.  I thank the cc-nl lead for explaining his motives here,
> but I'm only guessing about the others."

Where's the cc-nl lead's explanation?  It's something.

> The lack of reply to that bit has been deafening so far.  If someone
> who can post there feels like highlighting the request, please do.
> Reports of other decisions at the iSummit (things like 'hum votes'
> and strong bias from the presiding members) fill me with FUD.

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