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> Nathanael Nerode <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> > http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/cc-licenses/2006-August/003876.html
> [...]
>> The main motivation was to prevent license complication,
>> *not* to prohibit parallel distribution.
>> This is emphasized quite clearly in that message.
> If they wanted to "prevent license complication" why didn't they base
> CC3.0 on CC-Scotland's plain and simple English that already allows
> parallel distribution, rather than the CC2.5-generic that IIRC doesn't?

'Cause they're not that bright.  ;-)  Basing 3.0 on CC-Scotland probably
seemed "too radical" and basing it on CC2.5-generic seemed 
more "conservative".  People make stupid decisions like that.  Most of them 
probably never even read CC-Scotland, despite our suggestions.

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