On 09/19/2016 04:37 PM, Michael Siepmann wrote:
> On 09/19/2016 01:57 PM, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>> "Free the Commons" is a nice, short, relevant slogan. It's a call-to-action.
>> But freeing in what sense? What commons? What are "the commons"? And
>> technically, "commons" are rivalrous shared resources, not actually the
>> public goods which are technically what we're working with.
>> I just was chatting with Robert and ended up saying "I don't think we'll
>> come up with much better, but the idea we want to express is something
>> like 'Crowdmatching to fund public goods'"
>> Well, what do you think?
>> ** Crowdmatching to fund public goods **
>> It's longer and wordier than "free the commons" but is more accurate. It
>> gets right away into our use of 'crowdmatching' and clarifies that it's
>> for fundraising, and uses "public goods" correctly. I'd think a reader
>> would immediately say "what's crowdmatching?" and "what are public
>> goods?" at which point those are indeed *the* two questions we want
>> people to ask and that we want to answer concisely in order to introduce
>> Snowdrift.coop.
> I strongly agree.  I while ago I suggested "Catalyzing creation of
> public goods" among other ideas for a new tagline.  "Catalyzing
> creation..." was definitely too vague, but the term "crowdmatching"
> didn't occur to me until a few months later.  I think this new
> combination of "crowdmatching", "fund", and "public goods" is excellent
> and should be a big help in quickly giving people a basic understanding
> of what Snowdrift.coop is about.

Some alternatives of the same content:

Crowdmatching to fund public goods
Crowdmatch funding of public goods
Crowdmatched funding of public goods
Crowdmatch funding for public goods
Crowdmatched funding for public goods
Crowdmatching funding of public goods
Crowdmatching funding for public goods
Crowdmatching funds for public goods
Public goods funding through crowdmatching
Funding public goods through crowdmatching
Crowdmatching funds public goods

Incidentally, the only shorter one than my initial suggestion is a
stranger grammar to parse because it's a complete sentence instead of
just a verb clause or a noun clause. I think a clause is better than a
sentence. So, it looks like the first suggestion may be best anyway.

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