> So, I'd accept "crowdmatching for public goods"

I really like "crowdmatching for public goods". I suspect that if I read that 
without context, I'd take funding as implied, and be surprised if the thing 
with that slogan didn't involve funding.

> although I *slightly*
> worry that wording could be inferred to mean that you could have
> crowdmatching for other things. The message I wish to send is "[funding]
> public goods through crowdmatching" where [funding] could be other
> assistance if we expanded.

I don't think any amount of words will prevent others from using the term 
crowdmatching for exclusive goods. I wish nobody would use the term 
crowdfunding to describe anything other than funding public goods. "Match" is 
good because it conveys very simply how the mechanism is different, not because 
it is a yet-unspoiled term. "Crowdmatching for public goods" very nicely 
communicates what Snowdrift.coop will soon do, I hope.


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