On 09/19/2016 06:47 PM, Michael Siepmann wrote:
> On 09/19/2016 06:45 PM, William Hale wrote:
>> On Mon, 19 Sep 2016 17:25:47 -0700
>> David Thomas <davidleotho...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 5:00 PM, Aaron Wolf <aa...@snowdrift.coop>
>>> wrote:
>>>> On 09/19/2016 04:37 PM, Michael Siepmann wrote:  
>>>>> On 09/19/2016 01:57 PM, Aaron Wolf wrote:  
>>>>>> "Free the Commons" is a nice, short, relevant slogan. It's a
>>>>>> call-to-action.
>>>>>> But freeing in what sense? What commons? What are "the commons"?
>>>>>> And technically, "commons" are rivalrous shared resources, not
>>>>>> actually the public goods which are technically what we're
>>>>>> working with.
>>>>>> I just was chatting with Robert and ended up saying "I don't
>>>>>> think we'll come up with much better, but the idea we want to
>>>>>> express is something like 'Crowdmatching to fund public goods'"
>>>>>> Well, what do you think?
>>>>>> ** Crowdmatching to fund public goods **
>>>>>> It's longer and wordier than "free the commons" but is more
>>>>>> accurate. It gets right away into our use of 'crowdmatching' and
>>>>>> clarifies that it's for fundraising, and uses "public goods"
>>>>>> correctly. I'd think a reader would immediately say "what's
>>>>>> crowdmatching?" and "what are public goods?" at which point those
>>>>>> are indeed *the* two questions we want people to ask and that we
>>>>>> want to answer concisely in order to introduce Snowdrift.coop.  
>>>>> I strongly agree.  I while ago I suggested "Catalyzing creation of
>>>>> public goods" among other ideas for a new tagline.  "Catalyzing
>>>>> creation..." was definitely too vague, but the term "crowdmatching"
>>>>> didn't occur to me until a few months later.  I think this new
>>>>> combination of "crowdmatching", "fund", and "public goods" is
>>>>> excellent and should be a big help in quickly giving people a
>>>>> basic understanding of what Snowdrift.coop is about.
>>>> Some alternatives of the same content:
>>>> Crowdmatching to fund public goods
>>>> Crowdmatch funding of public goods
>>>> Crowdmatched funding of public goods
>>>> Crowdmatch funding for public goods
>>>> Crowdmatched funding for public goods
>>>> Crowdmatching funding of public goods
>>>> Crowdmatching funding for public goods
>>>> Crowdmatching funds for public goods
>>>> Public goods funding through crowdmatching
>>>> Funding public goods through crowdmatching
>>>> Crowdmatching funds public goods
>>>> Incidentally, the only shorter one than my initial suggestion is a
>>>> stranger grammar to parse because it's a complete sentence instead
>>>> of just a verb clause or a noun clause. I think a clause is better
>>>> than a sentence. So, it looks like the first suggestion may be best
>>>> anyway.
>>> What about dropping "fund"?  "Crowdmatching for public goods"
>> (cleaned up message order for mailinglist)
>> The shorter options I see are:
>> Crowdmatching to fund public goods
>> Crowdmatching funds public goods
>> Crowdmatching for public goods
>> Crowdmatching the public goods
>> Crowdmatching of public goods
>> Crowdmatching public goods
>> The first two keep that inclusion of funding which I do see as
>> important.
>> I like the idea of switching slogans to include crowdmatching and
>> public goods. Especially before the upcoming launch!
> I agree that "fund" is important.  If "Crowdmatching" becomes a well
> known term, as "Crowdfunding" has, then "Crowdmatching for public goods"
> could work, but at this point I think it needs to specify that it's
> about funding.
> I think "Crowdmatching to fund..." is better than "Crowdmatched
> funding..." because the emphasis should be on the core thing
> Snowdrift.coop does - i.e. crowdmatching.  Using the word "funding"
> makes it sound of interest more to recipients of funding than to
> patrons, and sounds rather as if Snowdrift.coop itself is the source of
> funds.  The biggest population we want the tagline to appeal to is
> patrons, who are the actual ones doing the funding.
> I still think the first version is best:  Crowdmatching to fund public goods

While I agree and would vote for "Crowdmatching to fund public goods" if
we had a vote right now, I'm seriously considering David's suggestion of
"Crowdmatching for public goods"

Two thoughts:

1. I *wish* we could always imply the idea that crowdmatching is
something you would never and should never do for anything *other* than
public goods. I don't know in practice how that affects our choices, I
just want everyone to keep it in mind. I want the world to believe it to
be fundamentally wrong to crowdmatch for anything that *isn't* a public
good. I want them to believe both that it would be unethical *and* that
it makes no sense economically or socially or anything (why do you need
people to match each other if they have enough individual incentive
anyway? Crowdmatching is itself something that is only needed to solve
the public goods dilemmas).

2. Even though we are focusing on funding, the *core* issue is actually
matching, i.e. people putting resources into public goods. There's been
request for crowdmatching of volunteer time (even though that may not be
feasible, it's worth exploring, and if it actually worked, it would
solve our dilemma too). So, the *end* is public goods. The fundamental
new thing that gets us public goods is crowdmatching. Funding is just
the most practical medium we're applying crowdmatching too. Of the three
concepts "crowdmatching", "funding", and "public goods", funding is
definitely the more incidental, less interesting, less important to
point out…

So, I'd accept "crowdmatching for public goods" although I *slightly*
worry that wording could be inferred to mean that you could have
crowdmatching for other things. The message I wish to send is "[funding]
public goods through crowdmatching" where [funding] could be other
assistance if we expanded.

I don't love it but: "Funding Public Goods Through Crowdmatching" (maybe
without the caps).

What I like about that is that it focuses on the end first and implies
that crowdmatching is *the* means to that end (and does not strongly
suggest that crowdmatching could be a means to any other end). I don't
love the flow of that slogan particularly though.

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