Yep - it's the Worldradio Worked-100-Nations (W-100-N) award.  The 
original award rules required that you not only work work stations in 
inhabited countries, but that you work citizens of those countries (not 
visitors).  They were relaxed a bit so you can work a visitor who has a 
non-portable callsign in that country. E.g. A22MN or 7P8SR would count but 
not V5/W9SZ (just using that last as an example, I've never been there).

It's an interesting award.  It is not endorsable but you can apply for a 
specific band/mode in your application if you wish (all 40 CW or all 15 
SSB etc.) You don't have to send cards in but you have to send the QSO 
information plus a statement signed by two other hams that they observed 
the cards for the necessary 100 countries confirmed.

It isn't as easy as you'd think!

73, Zack W9SZ

On Thu, 10 May 2007, Dan Zimmerman N3OX wrote:

> Why do you feel that each entity should have a permanent population?
> Why not start a seperate award for that instead?
> In fact, I bet there already is one.
> Dan

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