OK.  I purchased the K3/10 in 2010 which is able to output up to 12w.

Is the low power amp any better at IMD, or subject to the same limitations because its 12v transistors? I bought the KXPA-100 last year. Would it be any better than the KPA3 or KPA3A? 3rd-order IMD in the vicinity of -30 dBc is about what I have read for specs my many 12v power devices.

I bought the new synth because I understood it would improve Rx performance (haven't installed them yet main & sub Rx). Also for K3 use at 630m.

Would running the K3/10 at 5w driving a linear amp be lower in IMD? The amp uses 50v devices and made for TV which has greater linearity specs than SSB. I am also running it at about 60% full output on 6m.

73, Ed - KL7UW
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