When setting up radio settings in WSJT-X for the K3/K3S, I keep seeing 
different settings for the number of stop bits (one and two) popping up on the 
reflector.    Am not sure where TWO stop bits is coming from???  On page 20 of 
the K3S manual (page 18 of the K3 manual), left hand column, Serial Port Setup, 
 it states "Software should be set up at the same rate: 8 data bits, no parity, 
1 stop bit".
Have no idea why the Radio set window in WSJT-X defaults to TWO stop bits when 
you select Elecraft K3/K3S.   Initially, I did not catch this, and I was 
encountering problems with my K3S remaining in transmit mode more often than 
not after a transmission.  Once I changed to ONE stop bit, my problem magically 
went away.

What I have set up is:
Rig: Elecraft K3/K3S , Polling interval: 1sec
CAT control: COM 13 (which is a virtual com port set up with LP-Bridge with my 
setup, your setting will be whatever com port are using).
Baud rate: 38,400
Data Bits, Stop Bits, and Handshake:  8, none, 1.
PTT method: CAT
Mode: Data/Pkt
Split Operation:  Rig

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