On Thursday 13 October 2016 08:32:07 Gene Heskett wrote:

If anyone might find this useful, here is the addition to core_sim.hal
that uses a timer and comp function so that code that does a G38.2, can 
be exercised on the simulated machine.
loadrt timedelay      names=probe-timer
loadrt comp           names=detect-type,comp_x,comp_y,comp_z
addf detect-type            servo-thread        # triggers = on 5
addf probe-timer            servo-thread        # timedelay for probe sig
# simulate a probe hit
net type-motion <= motion.motion-type => convs32float.in
net type-hit <= convs32float.out => detect-type.in0 # is comp
setp detect-type.in1 5.0000000  # looking for a 5
net sim-probe <= detect-type.equal => probe-timer.in
setp probe-timer.on-delay 4.0
setp probe-timer.off-delay 0.001
net probe-hit <= probe-timer.out => motion.probe-input
I don't think it messes with anything else and I've found it quite 
usefull, as a workaround where you would normally go hit a contact and 
calculate the TLO of the tool because you know where the contact is.  Or 
even the full 3d location as I did when carving the Green & Green joints 
for the blanket chests.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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