> But any OS needs to disable interrupts to access shared memmory or maybe
> for some IO drivers.

I use to get by without disabling interrupts. Then exchanging data most usually 
the methodI use is to write data in shared memory and use a variable written to 
zero or one to indicate new data is avaiable as this only change one bit 
without reading I expect it to be an atomic operation.

> But if writing motion control on a uP you would not use software to make
> pulses

Correct. Usually there is a builtin in PWM timer with shadow registers updated 
at top and/or bottom of timer at the same time as interrupt is triggered. With 
prioritized interrupt as is available in the Cortex-M-* CPU this should if I 
did not miss anything fulfill the requirements for Rate-monotonic scheduling so 
that it is possible to calculate if all dead lines will be met.

Regards Nicklas Karlsson

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