Please don't paint yourself into a corner like GRBL and the *duino crowd
with not being able to support closed loop for servos, rigid tapping, 4+
axis, >30fps HD GUI's, etc etc.

On 4/13/19 5:04 PM, Danny Miller wrote:
> On 4/13/2019 3:46 PM, Nicklas SB Karlsson wrote:
>>> Even th D-525-MW motherboard? I can latency-test for an hour or 2 on
>>> this
>>> machine I'm building up right now, and not show any worse than 5.1
>>> microseconds for base thread latency, and If I run without that thread,
>>> which I don't use anyway, and the worst case latency is 4850ns.  Thats
>>> right alongside the figures I've seen quoted for the STM-32.
>> On an STM32 it will probably be less than 4850ns on the highest
>> priority interrupt. Others however depends on threads with higher
>> priority. Ideally all threads should be known and have an upper bound
>> on execution time then it might under correct conditions be possible
>> to calculate beforehand all dead lines will be met.
>> Then I last checked real time seems to run really well on ordinary
>> linux with real time kernel. Do anybody know if it is possible to
>> list running real time threads in linux?
> I did a calc and got *10ns* latency on a Cortex m7 400MHz, with only
> 2ns of that as actual jitter, which would be avoidable.
> Danny
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